Kolner KEP 800


800 watts, 16000 rpm, working width: 82 mm planing depth: 0 mm, rip fence

Main (Kolner KEP 800)
Food network
Power consumption 800 W
The frequency of rotation of the shaft 16 000 rpm
Working width 82 mm
The depth of planing 0 — 1 mm
The depth of the groove sample 0 - 10 mm
Specifications (Kolner KEP 800)
V-shaped groove
Rip fence
Material soles carbon brushes, drive belt, rip fence, limiting the cutting depth, mounting bolts, a wrench, an Allen key, a bag for collecting waste, hex wrench, screws rip fence
Dimensions (Kolner KEP 800)
Weight 3.2 kg
The connection to the vacuum cleaner
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